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The World's Most Active Management Consulting Professionals on Social Media

July 2024

How active are employees in the management consulting sector on social media? Is your organization featured? Find out!

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Key Takeaways

💥 The Global #1 organization, ERA Group, had an impressive 29.59% of employees sharing content.

💥 The industry average of employees sharing content in the management consulting sector across all regions is 8.90%.

💥 This is an increase of 14.54% since our previous report in March 2024.

Well done to all those who are setting the bar!

Why Do We Create These Reports?

At DSMN8, we conduct industry-specific social media research to celebrate companies whose employees are highly engaged and consistently sharing content with their own networks.

When employees share content, they have the ability to reach a much wider audience than your company page, and as a more trusted source of information, they're more likely to generate engagement, too! 😉

Encouraging employee participation in sharing and creating content can be a tricky task without an employee advocacy program in place. However, some organizations in this sector are doing an unbelievably good job of this already.

The Global Top 10

1️⃣ ERA Group: 29.59%
2️⃣ SEI: 26.62%
3️⃣ Blanchard: 22.26%
4️⃣ Transworld Business Advisors: 21.60%
5️⃣ Berenschot: 20.45%
6️⃣ AFNOR Certification: 19.46%
7️⃣ ITG Group: 18.99%
8️⃣ Argon & Co: 18.83%
9️⃣ julhiet sterwen: 18.23%
🔟 BCG Platinion: 16.61%

These companies topped the bill because their engaged employees consistently shared content with their LinkedIn networks. This activity helps increase brand awareness and share of voice while showcasing industry expertise! 👏

Get the full report to see the rankings for over 100 management consulting companies, a breakdown by region, and previous editions of this report.

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So, where does your company rank, and is there room for improvement?

Download the full report to find out, and gain access to previous editions to monitor your progress.

While you’re looking, consider this:

DSMN8 clients get 30-40% of employees regularly sharing company content, with some accounts seeing over 70%.

We streamline and automate the process, which means greater awareness, more inbound leads, and more sales, with very little effort.

Isn’t it time you added amplified social sharing to your marketing strategy?

This leaderboard only features companies with 500+ employees on LinkedIn. If you’d like to see your score, plus three of your competitors, request an employee advocacy health check, no matter the size of your organization.


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