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Why DSMN8?

We're more than just
an advocacy platform.

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We have a genuine interest in your success. You will have access to our advanced, intuitive and sophisticated technology, as well as dedicated support to assist with the development of your employee influencer program.

There For You

A dedicated customer success manager will be on hand to ensure the success of your program.

Secure & Compliant

Secure proprietary technology including Privacy Shield certification and SSL encryption.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Makes sign-in faster, simpler, more secure, and you can use your companies existing credentials.

Fully Integrated

Our solutions integrate with your existing technology for seamless adoption and use.

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What They’re Saying

DSMN8 has made sharing content for our employees incredibly easy. We have seen great results in terms of reach and engagement since implementing DSMN8 worldwide. The platform is simple to use and sharing localized content in each region has never been easier.

Heidi CormackSenior Vice President of Global Marketing, Netgear

The simple-to-use platform empowers Awin employees to share industry and Awin news to bolster their professional networks. DSMN8 has provided invaluable support from the beginning. From launching the tool across our teams around the world to helping us continue to grow our advocacy program to its full potential.

Lisa HammondGroup Marketing Director, Awin

DSMN8 has helped change company perception where employees are now proud, pro-active and a collaborative force in sharing brand-related content.

Lesley WhiteDeputy Vice President Human Resources, Huawei

The DSMN8 platform has provided the ultimate one-stop-shop for sharing content and knowledge across our teams wherever their location.

Max SiegelmanSocial Media Director, Outfront Media

Employee shares on their personal social channels via DSMN8 has become one of the highest referrers of traffic to the AWIN site, securing employee advocacy as a core part of our marketing strategy. Seeing the results further motivates our teams to continue sharing company content.

Sarah RuzgarGlobal Communications Lead, Awin

Our sales consultants have evolved into modern social sellers with the help of our advocacy program and the DSMN8 platform. They now adopt a short and long term approach to sales that has paid off and now sees business come to them.

Maarten PootMarketing Manager, Krauthammer

Our C-Suite regularly receive feedback from industry peers saying - You guys own social. We see you everywhere! Which is a great validation of our employees' efforts across social and the DSMN8 platform.

Briana DragucaSocial Media Coordinator, Outfront Media

The DSMN8 Platform makes it easy for our employees to share relevant and authentic content with their own professional networks.

Hui XuMarketing & Communications Manager, Huawei

DSMN8 helped us see a considerable upside in staff engagement through sharing of our company messaging across social media. Our team are very well connected to our target audience, so the quality of audience distribution was invaluable.

Andy EvansChief Marketing Officer, Sovrn Holdings
DSMN8 v2 Rewards Leaderboard and Feed

Meet the solution to your advocacy needs

Whether you’re looking to deepen the link between you and your employees or amplify the reach of your existing content, you need a platform that is built to work around you.

We are continuously developing our platform with the sole goal of earning the engagement your content deserves.

DSMN8 leads the way in exceptional advocacy experiences

Employee Advocacy is more than just asking employees to share content. We provide technology that allows you to include your employees in your creative process, after all the real expertise and knowledge lies within your company!
DSMN8 will sync with your existing digital platforms (such as your company blog and social profiles). Once new content is available, DSMN8 automatically generates ready to share content with our Smart-Curation. No more manual posting to separate social tools... DSMN8 seamlessly does the work for you.
DSMN8 ensures that content is mapped to the most relevant users in your organisation. This allows them to easily discover and share the content that is most likely to resonate with their peer group.
DSMN8 is built to offer advocates as much control as possible over their advocacy experience. For users who are time-pushed automations are available, just set the parameters and let DSMN8 do the sharing!
Our Smart-Scheduling technology ensures users posts are shared at the optimum time. Taking into account previous posting times and even when their colleagues will be sharing.
Our integrated game and reward mechanic incentivises users participation, engagement, and loyalty. With the use of leaderboards and rewards you will be able to recognize and commend the users who are propelling your engagement levels.
With DSMN8 you tap into powerful live analytics – where the data tells the story of your advocacy program’s health. Gain insight from what’s being shared, what networks are the most relevant, and who the influencers are inside your business.

It’s not all about tech, we offer first class support to help your advocacy program grow

DSMN8 doesn’t just provide you with the tools to excel in advocacy, we provide a full-service solution to grow your advocacy program from start to finish. Our team has on-boarded and developed thousands of advocates, so we’ve gained the experience to know what it takes to create and grow a successful advocacy program. When you join DSMN8, you’ll be rewarded with dedicated support from our Customer Launch and Customer Success teams.

The bottom line is, we continuously monitor the health of your advocacy program to ensure you meet your advocacy objectives. From start to finish, we’re here to help!

Why DSMN8? Next Level Reporting Features

How DSMN8 Will Help To Build And Grow Your Employee Advocacy Programme

When you join DSMN8, you’ll get the most advanced technological features as well as first class support to supplement your advocacy program. We provide the complete package:

  • DSMN8s onboarding team will create a bespoke launch plan for your program including webinars, tutorial videos and how-to-guides.
  • The support team will provide extensive training for all admins and team leaders, covering the fundamentals of the platform, as well as how to create a successful internal advocacy program.
  • Continuing your support, DSMN8 will host ongoing quarterly business reviews with designated team members, guaranteeing the growth and success of your program.
  • DSMN8 will proactively monitor the health of your account and offer advice and suggestions on how to further improve engagement.

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