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Do you own the social share of voice in your industry?
Find out!

DSMN8 Data Review Sample


Schedule a call using the calendar and one of our team will show you:

  • How many of your employees posted on social media in the last 30 days.
  • How this breaks down by department/seniority.
  • How this impacts key marketing metrics like website traffic and audience size.
  • We can even show you what % of your sales team is sharing!

+ Of course, some complimentary tips on how to improve!

Ever wondered how active your employees are on social?

Book a no-strings-attached call with one of our consultants to find out.

Zero cost, no catch.

As always, we’re only too happy to help if this builds some internal awareness around a subject we’re so passionate about – Employee influence.

Use the calendar to schedule a call and get the data!

Looking for free influencer marketing?

The answer is closer than you think! Unlock the power of your employees to drive content reach, productivity and business growth with our Ultimate Guide to Employee Influencers.

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