We take internal communications to the next level.

Our innovative technology enables employees and organizations to communicate like never before, in a way that works for everyone. We make engaged employees a reality, introducing... Engage by DSMN8. Packages start from just $299 per month.

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It has never been easier to:

Engage your employees

Communicate, align and build closer relationships with your employees through desktop and mobile solutions.

Segment teams & groups

Easily segment company updates and content by department, groups, and interest tags.

Broadcast notifications

Dispatch those critical company updates wherever employees are across email, mobile push and in-app.

Employee polls

Instant feedback? You’ve got it! Easily set up employee surveys.

Virtual high fives

Recognise your employees and teams for a job well done.

Multiple languages

Drive adoption and engagement by enabling users to select platform language.

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DSMN8 | Engage 2
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Foster internal discussion, and develop thought leadership with our comments feature.

Video updates

Film announcements quickly and syndicated to employees.

Pinned posts

Remind employees what's new and showcase priority news.

Internal communications haven't kept pace with technological advances or employee preferences meaning employee disengagement is at an all-time high, costing businesses of all sizes. However, the future of internal communications is now for those with an appetite to change. DSMN8 Engage provides the solution to connect with employees like never before!

Bradley KeenanFounder & CEO, DSMN8

It is no secret that a highly engaged workforce can make all the difference to business productivity and performance.

Are you looking for ways to increase employee engagement and motivation? Do your existing internal communications need more impact? Does employee productivity and performance require improvement?

Engage allows you to communicate with employees in the palm of their hands. Intuitive desktop, IOS and Android mobile applications enable easy use by all employees whatever the level of a user’s technical ability.

Enable users to keep up to date with all your current company news and discussions. Whether that’s the CEOs update or introducing a new recruit to the remote team.

This is the new communication platform for your organization. Important updates can easily be disseminated across the company without worrying whether emails have been received and opened, you can even credit specific employees or teams by tagging them in posts, setup a quick poll to canvas wider opinion and virtual high five for a job well done.

For companies looking to improve internal communications, maybe Engage is the answer!

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DSMN8 Engage | Internal Communications


Your branded company platform

Create a familiar experience by customizing the DSMN8 platform using your company’s branding. A recognizable look and feel across desktop and mobile with your company logo and colors can be easily created to drive familiarity and user adoption.


Disseminate company information

Empower your employees with information when they need it. Instant company-wide, team or individual-specific alerts can be communicated quickly and efficiently.

DSMN8 | Employee Engagement
DSMN8 Engage | Employee Communications


Hear all about it!

Your internal digital news board for those ‘water cooler’ moments at scale – cut through the noise and efficiently deliver and curate relevant brand and industry information to your employees on the move, on any device.

Integrate with your existing tools
in just a few clicks

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Company Branded Solution

For companies looking to improve internal communications, employee engagement, and productivity.

Employee Notifications

Employees are notified through an easy-to-use mobile solution and can engage through a number of native features including comments, tags, virtual high fives, and polls.

Engage Employees In Real-Time

Encourage employees to provide feedback on company content, news, and assets. Employees can ’like’ updates within the platform, start threaded discussions, and tag other users.
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Let's Take Your Internal Communications To The Next Level

Engage your workforce like never before with Engage by DSMN8.

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