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Free Influencer Marketing? The Answer is Closer Than You Think!

By 04/02/2020October 14th, 2022No Comments

Release Summary

DSMN8 Ltd., the all-in-one employee influencer platform, today announces the release of the ultimate guide to employee influencers.

Free Influencer Marketing?
The Answer is Closer Than You Think!

Unlock the power of your employees to drive business growth.

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CAMBRIDGE, ENGLAND, February 3, 2020 — DSMN8, Ltd. (, the specialists in employee influencers, social selling and brand advocacy for enterprise B2B and B2C clients, have released The Ultimate Guide to Employee Influencers as a free download.

DSMN8 are thrilled to release the Ultimate Guide to Employee Influencers, which serves as a comprehensive guide to employee influencers and employee influencer platforms alike. Giving you everything you need to know to turn your employees into content creators and brand advocates for your business.

The Guide covers everything from trends driving the demand for employee influencers, to an all-encompassing business case. It also includes industry leader insights, infographics, and checklists for success.

The Ultimate Guide is the definitive companion for anyone looking to explore the power of employee influence for their organization. Tapping into the combined efforts of an organization’s most valuable asset – the employees, to maximize message reach, boost engagement rates, drive influence, and crowdsource authentic content.

Whether you intend to dip your toes, find out the benefits, or need a helping hand through the launch process, The Ultimate Guide is here to help guide you every step of the way… and it won’t cost you a dime.

The Guide’s summary of contents includes:

  • What are Employee Influencers?
  • The key benefits Employee Influencers will have on your business
  • The business case for Employee Influencers
  • A step-by-step guide to ensuring success from your Employee Influencer program
  • What the future of employee influencers and influencer marketing looks like

DSMN8 also called upon industry experts, the likes of Samantha Stone, Shane Barker and Casey Hall, for their expert insights on what they see in store for the future of employee influencer marketing.

“I think employee advocacy is going to be a bigger trend in the future as more and more companies will realize the power of employee influencers. An employee speaking well of their company has a much greater impact than any form of branded marketing. In the next few years, we can expect employee influencers to be a mainstream category of influencers. We can also expect more employee advocacy campaigns and agencies adding employee advocacy tools to their list of products.” – Shane Barker (President, Shane Barker Consulting)

DSMN8 Employee Influencers Platform with Gamification

About DSMN8

With offices in Cambridge, England and Portland, Oregon, DSMN8 is passionate about helping businesses empower their employees to create and share authentic content. Founded in 2015, DSMN8’s intelligent, proprietary solutions enable both B2B and B2C businesses to tap into the power of their employees’ unique perspectives and personal networks. In turn, helping empower workforces and key partners to become Employee Influencers, Social Sellers and Brand Advocates.

DSMN8 has published an ROI calculator to help brands identify the return on investment they could achieve from an employee engagement program. For more information, please visit and follow us on Twitter.