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Lens – a new solution for employee content creators

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Release Summary
DSMN8 Ltd., the all-in-one employee influencer platform today announced the launch of ‘Lens’ – a brand new mobile solution for employee content creators. Enabling enterprise clients to crowdsource authentic photo and video content through their employees.


Bring your brand to life through crowdsourced employee
content with Lens, DSMN8’s innovative new mobile solution.


DSMN8 launch Lens for employee creatorsCAMBRIDGE, ENGLAND, September 17, 2019 — DSMN8, Ltd. (DSMN8.com), the specialists in employee influencers, social selling and brand advocacy for enterprise B2B and B2C clients, today announced the launch of ‘Lens’ (DSMN8.com/lens). An innovative mobile solution that makes it easy for companies to showcase their company culture at scale through their employees.

One of the biggest challenges for businesses looking to hire Gen Z and Millennials is producing authentic content, and publishing it where this demographic are choosing to spend their time. Whether it’s Tiktok, Snapchat or Instagram, B2B brands often struggle to create social content that engages these audiences at scale, which can make it challenging to attract, appeal and ultimately hire this demographic. This lack of content Impacts the development of employer branding, company culture and ultimately establishing a diverse workforce.

Finally, there is a solution closer to home and it’s much simpler than you might think.

Introducing… Lens. Lens makes it easier than ever before to crowdsource content through the people closest to your business – your employees. Each employee will have access to a mobile application enabling them to shoot photo and video content. Whether it’s showcasing your company culture such as a new recruits first day, team selfies from the company away day or the latest product unboxing. Lens empowers your employees to become content creators and be rewarded with real prizes.

Benefits include:

  • Scale content production easily
  • Increase employee engagement
  • Reduce production timelines
  • Reduce production costs
  • Simplify the transfer of usage rights

“We spoke to our clients and they told us that they had to spend more and more on the production and promotion of content across digital channels. That’s why we created Lens. A mobile content solution that helps brands to scale the production of authentic content through employees, reducing production cost while increasing authenticity and employee engagement.” said CEO Bradley Keenan.

About DSMN8

Headquartered in Cambridge, England, DSMN8 is passionate about helping businesses to empower their employees to create and share authentic content. Founded in 2015, DSMN8’s intelligent propriety solutions enable both B2B and B2C businesses to tap into the power of their employees’ unique perspectives and personal networks. Helping to turn workforces and key partners into Employee Influencers, Social Sellers and Brand Advocates. DSMN8 has published an ROI calculator, to help brands identify the return on investment they could achieve from an employee engagement program. For more information, please visit DSMN8.com and follow us at https://twitter.com/dsmn8.

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