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Crowdsourcing ‘On-Brand’ Content Has Never Been Simpler

By 16/03/2020March 20th, 2023No Comments

Release Summary
DSMN8 Ltd., the all-in-one employee influencer platform, today announced the launch of user curation features with its technology. Enabling clients to crowdsource through their employees’ relevant on-brand content.


Invite employees to become part of the curation process & fill your advocacy
program with the latest, richest and most relevant content

DSMN8 Employee Curation 2
CAMBRIDGE, ENGLAND, Mar 16, 2020 — DSMN8, Ltd. (, the specialists in employee influencers, social selling and brand advocacy for enterprise and mid-market B2B and B2C clients, today announced the added functionality of employee curation to enrich clients employee advocacy programs further.

Organizations will now be able to crowdsource relevant company and industry content at scale to make their advocacy programs richer with hyper-relevant content like never before. From today all DSMN8 users will be able to suggest relevant content for program managers to choose to approve for company-wide use, from directly within the DSMN8 platform.

For those who struggle to keep their advocacy programs full of content or find the time required to manage their program, DSMN8 has the solution and has introduced this brand new functionality for all clients. Meaning employees, departments and, multiple markets can now be more involved in the content curation process while still ensuring only the most relevant pieces of content are cherry-picked and approved for company-wide use.

The simple two-step process requires employees to submit the URL of the content they wish to submit to the program, along with a short comment on why they believe the content to be most relevant.

DSMN8 Employee Curation 3

Program managers then receive the submission and can choose to approve the content suggested for a department, group, or company-wide use from within their existing DSMN8 profile. Meaning, less searching company channels for the most up to date pieces of content or missing that vital piece of news. Your communications strategy will be more aligned and consistent than ever before.

Benefits to users include:

  • Reduce time spent on sourcing on-brand content
  • Increase employee involvement and ownership
  • A more aligned communications and content strategy
  • Program managers more focused on increasing active users, adoption and motivation

“At DSMN8 we are committed to amplifying the results of our client’s communication programs through consistent, advancements in our technology. We strive to build an intuitive and inclusive platform that maximizes client results with minimal effort required. This latest update further showcases this by tapping into the power of crowdsourced content curation” said CEO, Bradley Keenan.

About DSMN8

With offices in Cambridge, England and Portland, Oregon, DSMN8 is passionate about helping businesses empower their employees to create and share authentic content. Founded in 2015, DSMN8’s intelligent propriety solutions enable both B2B and B2C businesses to tap into the power of their employees’ unique perspectives and personal networks. Helping to turn workforces and key partners into Employee Influencers, Social Sellers and Brand Advocates. DSMN8 has published an ROI calculator and The Ultimate Guide to Employee Influencers, to help brands identify the return on investment they could achieve from an employee engagement program. For more information, please visit and follow us at

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