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The 10 Steps to Employee Influencers [Infographic]

By 27/08/2019May 11th, 2023No Comments

With the ever growing prominence of social media, tapping into employees’ social networks should be considered by companies of all sizes. As with influencer marketing, companies are drawing on their employees to create content and leveraging the power of their employees’ followings to further their reach more organically.

The new wave of employee influence is centered around all social media platforms, where corporate brands are attempting to launch their marketing initiatives through their employees.

What is an employee influencer? An employee influencer is an employee ambassador who not only advocates for their organization by sharing their content, but they create content too.

How far into your employee influencer journey are you?

Everyone is different, your employees might be further along the journey than you realize! The below infographic highlights the 10 steps on the journey to employee influencers:

The Employee Influencer Journey - DSMN8


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