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Despite the benefits, producing quality content at scale is no easy task. Introducing… Author by DSMN8.

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It has never been easier to:

Crowdsource your content

It's never been easier to create authentic written content through the people who are closest to your business - your employees.

Centralize submissions

Our propriety technology speeds up the whole production process and categorises your content ready for review in the intuitive dashboard.

Simplify usage rights

Rights are transferred from employee to company and you can choose to reward employees through the built-in gamification engine.

Streamline production

Reduce the time it takes to produce blog posts, written articles and whitepapers.

Simplify rights

Assign content rights from the employee to your company.

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Reward employees

Award those who produce content that meets the project requirements.

Automatically sync

Through a centralized dashboard ready for review and publishing.

Want to create more authentic written content for your business while at the same time reducing your reliance on third parties? If so, then Author is the perfect solution for you!

Bradley KeenanFounder & CEO, DSMN8

Boost brand perception, purchase intent and organic traffic
with our easy to use content solution.

Content agencies are often too expensive, and freelance writers don’t know your business well enough to add real value. Well, have you ever thought that maybe your next superstar content contributor is already within your company just waiting to be discovered?

Introducing... Author by DSMN8.

Author makes it easier than ever before to scale your content efforts through the people closest to your business - your employees.

With Author, you have access to a cloud-based text editor where you can create, save and collaborate on ideas. Not only does this include things like track changes, comments and suggestions, but also automated alerts to warn of potential breaches to your companies tone of voice policy.

Are you ready to tap into the power of your employees for your content creation? Maybe Author is the answer!

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Centralized content production

Finally, you can get a clear view of the content produced by your organization. Removing duplication and reducing the level of investment required for third party producers. Whatever the department or market of origin, Author makes it easy to tag and centralize your written content efforts.


Create a robust content pipeline

Remove the challenges of consistently producing relevant and authentic written content by tapping into the power of your employees. Gone are the delays of relying on one or two providers for your written content. Tap into a range of diverse and authentic points of view from the people closest to your organization.

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Empower with DSMN8 Author


Empower your workforce

Support your employees to drive your business forward and embrace social selling with our easy to use solution. Author enables your employees to become industry experts and establish personal brands. In turn, this pro-active thought leadership with help to showcase both your employees and business as industry leaders.

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Start by creating a project brief, assigning a reward and inviting team members to create content.


Employees are then invited to pitch their ideas, and once you select your chosen writer, the content creation process begins.


Use the built-in workflow engine to track the status of each item. Once ready to publish, you can assign the employee reward.
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Next Level Content Publishing

Turn your workforce into employee publishers with Author by DSMN8.

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