How Frank Recruitment Group Integrated Employee Advocacy into its
Business to Drive over 36,000 Website visits in just 4 months


Frank Recruitment Group (FRG) is a global leader in resourcing for IT professionals. The organization is passionate about helping great people find great jobs.

Core to the offering is the network of FRG’s recruitment consultants and the people to people connections that they establish and develop. It was this area which FRG wanted to tap into at scale and further support it’s consultants in building thought leadership — helping to drive increased brand awareness and key conversions for the Group.

However, the company knew that with the industry having one of the highest new joiner rates along with consultants switching between brands regularly that integration with existing business practices would be essential to maximizing the true potential of its employee networks. FRG identified the DSMN8 all-in-one employee influencer platform as the ideal technology.

The impact? Developing recruitment consultants into industry thought leaders at scale and a significant new source of website traffic, without the impact on workloads.


Founded in 2006, FRG are a Global recruitment group, headquartered in Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom.

Since 2006, they have helped to connect businesses of all sizes with permanent and contract workers, from start-ups needing a single developer to international enterprise clients building a complete team in a new country.

With over 1,900 employees and 18 offices across Europe, the USA, Asia, and Australia, the group is made up of nine recruitment brands; Nigel Frank International, Mason Frank International, Churchill Frank, Washington Frank, Anderson Frank, Pearson Frank, FRG Technology Consulting, Nelson Frank and Jefferson Frank. The Group focuses primarily on products within the enterprise resource planning, client relationship management, big data, and cloud computing segments.

The organization is passionate about providing clients access to the most sought after talent in the market and offer the most rewarding career opportunities to candidates and employees.


Frank Recruitment Group


Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom

Company Size

1,900 Employees

The challenge

FRG realized that email was becoming less and less effective as a channel for communication with their growing number of consultants and were keen to identify a mobile-friendly, automated solution that simplified the process for employees while improving business impact and results.

The Group knew their strength was in the relationships of their consultants and were actively looking for a solution that could amplify the impact of these people to people relationships at scale.

There was also a need for a solution that helped managed the intricacies faced by the recruitment industry as a whole, primarily an above-average new joiner rate, employees moving between FRG brands and employees leaving the company altogether.

The challenge was set. How could FRG effectively launch an employee influencer program across brands and markets with varying employee technical skillsets but one with a highly connected network?

The solution

FRG knew they needed a technology partner that could not only scale as their business continued to grow but also offered the advanced functionality and product roadmap that would enable the program to continue to deliver results and motivate employees as the program matured.

After extensive research into leading employee advocacy (EA) platforms. They selected DSMN8 as their preferred partner. Choosing the vendor as the most equipped to help deliver impactful results versus alternative solutions.

FRG’s most important requirement was to provide a solution that would not only mitigate the challenges experienced with an ever-changing workforce but one that would also simplify and remove the level of effort required by consultants to maintain on an ongoing basis.

Key Fact: Typically, less than 2% of employees share employer content across their social channels. Automation removes the need for staff to shift their focus from their key duties.

The key elements behind the success of the FRG employee influencer program are:

1. Integrate with existing Business Practices
2. Segmentation and Automation
3. Internal Marketing and Ambassadors 
4. Strategic Approach to On-Boarding 

Integrate with existing Business Practices
FRG made the strategic decision to incentivize the use of the DSMN8 platform by offering LinkedIn Recruiter licenses for consultants who used the platform and the built-in automation features.

Seen as one of the critical tools in a recruiters toolkit, LinkedIn Recruiter enables consultants to find, connect with, and manage candidates. Streamlining the recruitment process by surfacing high-quality candidates and signals of those most open to connecting.

FRG instantly saw the benefits the DSMN8 platform had in amplifying the profiles of consultants and their activity consistently without impacting workload. Allowing consultants to focus on key candidates, actions and deal conversions.

Key Fact: Integrating an employee advocacy program with existing business processes and goals can improve user adoption by over 30%.

By automating the sharing of both our own content and interesting and relevant external content, DSMN8 has helped drive engagement and conversations while building our brands, and empowering our employees to become thought-leaders in the ecosystems they recruit for.

Kashif NaqshbandiChief Marketing Officer

Segmentation and Automation
DSMN8’s built-in automation and segmentation capabilities were critical to the FRG program. The proprietary technology makes it easy to filter, tag and segment content by language, location, and interests. Ensuring that only the most relevant content to each employee appears in the feed.

Employees can also choose to opt-in to automatic posting, by setting defined parameters about what content can and can’t be posted automatically to their accounts and at what frequency.

This allows the organization to curate and serve relevant content specific to each brand and employee’s needs. Combining this with the ability for consultants to opt-in to automating the posting process, allowing employees to share thought leadership while at the same time reducing the screen time and effort required to maintain their social presence.

Key Fact: 90% of FRG users are using DSMN8’s automation functionality.

Internal Marketing and Ambassadors
FRG have taken a best practice approach to an employee advocacy program. Structuring the management of the program to capitalize on success from the very start.

The program is managed in-house by a program manager and 2 brand-specific executives who work to champion the program internally, encourage user adoption, showcase best practice and ensure content consistency and performance.

The program is also well-publicized and marketed internally throughout the groups 18 locations to raise further awareness of the benefits of DSMN8 using tactics such as posters, emailers, and program performance updates.

The company is also looking to introduce ambassadors across departments to help support any additional queries or those employees who maybe a little less tech-savvy.

This thorough approach has paid dividends for the Group who have experienced a significant impact on business results from the program.

Key Fact: Organizations typically see just 2% of employees sharing and creating company-related content. Introducing an employee advocacy program can see this increase to over 30%.

Frank Recruitment Case Study | DSMN8 Screenshot 2

Strategic Approach to On-Boarding
One of the critical elements of the FRG strategy was to ensure program flexibility when it comes to the specific intricacies of the business. The DSMN8 platform enabled the company to adapt to 3 specific employee groups identified:

1. New Starters – Built into the FRG onboarding program, employees receive training and a registration link in their ‘new joiner’ materials. In addition to DSMN8’s built-in welcome email, comprehensive induction and training sessions.
2. Brand Movers – FRG’s consultants regularly move between brands and departments, so it was essential for the program to have the flexibility to update employee profiles, switch content tags and segmentation at ease. The DSMN8 platform’s advanced content tagging system ensures that employee news feeds can remain the most relevant at all times, enabling each consultant to see what’s of most interest to them based on language, location, brand, and interests.
3. Company Leavers – The recruitment industry regularly sees some of the highest new joiner and leaver rates around. It was, therefore, critical that FRG could update user controls easily. With DSMN8, the company can exclude individual employees, groups, or brands from automation at the flick of a switch as well as download user lists via .csv to quickly provide or remove employee access to the program.

Key Fact: Engaging new joiners as part of the broader company onboarding program increased active users by over 55%.

The FRG program has focused on key localized and industry-specific content, pulling from sources including company website, blog, press, and industry news. With some of the most engaging content, including how to’s, salary surveys and research reports, both gated and non-gated.

The results

The DSMN8 platform has been systematically rolled out across multiple markets and all nine of FRG brands. In just four months, FRG is proud to not only have achieved key business metrics, such as awareness and conversions but also supported consultants in becoming industry thought leaders.

Integrating DSMN8 into broader business processes has multiplied the impact of consultants’ activity. Not only has FRG increased employee productivity it has also supported employees in improving performance. There has been positive adoption throughout the company, with employees now motivated to get even more exposure and engagement from their content. All made easier through the DSMN8 platform. Reach, engagement, connections, and conversions have increased considerably across platforms, including LinkedIn.

Consultants are also now more aware of the key messaging and content the company produces. The platform has made it easy for the organization to communicate with its employees with the return on investment surpassing the organizations’ initial expectations.

With 56% of employees now using the platform, FRG has tapped into the power of employee thought leaders to help grow its business.

The impact

In addition to over 50% of employees being active users. On average, the program generates the following results each month:

Avg. items of content shared
Content clicks
Shares per content added
Comparative cost per click

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