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How To Develop Your Personal Brand With Employee Advocacy

By 04/10/2018August 11th, 2022No Comments

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Personal branding is a concept that is becoming more and more relevant in our day to day lives, but also within our professional lives. The world of employment has developed and it is now important to stand out from the crowd and begin to grow your personal brand. Developing your personal brand is a great way to expand your career, whether that is by looking for a promotion, or looking for that next big career move. Employee Advocacy, and sharing relevant industry news, and company content to your own professional channel is an amazing way to create your own personal brand. This will not only increase your online visibility but will also help demonstrate your industry knowledge which will in turn help drive sales, and also improve your hiring process.

Increase Online Visibility

One of the biggest reasons for developing your personal brand is an important strategy for your career development is how it can help increase your online visibility. Increasing your online presence is something many of us do in our personal lives, retweeting and posting on Instagram. However very few of us look to further our professional lives by sharing company news and developments. On average every time you post something new to your LinkedIn profile you gain two new profile views. By doing this you are able to grow your professional network, helping to increase your business development output and increase the number of conversations you are having across your network.

Demonstrate You Industry Knowledge

By sharing company-approved content, or even relevant industry news, you are able to demonstrate to your professional network where your expertise lies. By doing this you not only help share company content to your social networks, and expanding the reach and impressions generated. But you display the commitment that you have to your role and company. As you look to expand in your career these are things that are recognized and taken into account, this at times can be the difference when looking for that next step up, and displays the commitment and understanding you have of your industry.

Increase Your Hiring

Finding new people for your team can be a strenuous process, hiring can be made considerably easier by utilizing social media. Sharing your job post on LinkedIn, and having your colleagues share the same opportunity allows you to be able to target the right demographic far easier and more effectively. For example, if you were hiring for a new Marketing Manager, having your current marketing team share that opportunity, allows it to be placed in front of the right people right away. Social media is becoming a much bigger area for attracting and even recruiting new talent to your team, it is more streamlined and allows you to find your perfect hire faster and more efficiently.


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