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Practicing What We Preach: How DSMN8 Uses DSMN8

By Lewis Gray30/06/2021October 5th, 2022No Comments
jimmy fallon this is how we do it gif

“Put your money where your mouth is, DSMN8.”

Sure, we talk a big talk.

But can we walk the walk?

Or rather.

DO WE walk the walk? 🚶‍♂️


Does #TeamDSMN8 use the DSMN8 platform?

Oh, yes.

Big time 💯

People often ask us:

“We’re <100 employees…

Will this still work for us?”

At DSMN8 we’re only 34 employees.

And yet.

The results we’ve seen from our OWN employees’ influence…

Could give a 6 figure budget a run for its money! 💸

So, how?

How do we use DSMN8?

The answer is that we all use it totally differently.

So let’s start with marketing!

How Does DSMN8 Use DSMN8 Blog Post

How Jody (Marketing Director) & I use DSMN8

We use DSMN8 to:

  • Drive traffic to our website (that converts)
  • Improve brand awareness & SOV
  • Increase the size of our audience on social
  • Leverage employee-generated content
  • Transform our sales team into social selling superstars

Where to start? 🤷‍♂️

As a Marketing Executive.

I use it to curate our latest content for the whole team to share.


As a marketer.

I know that brand messages reach further when shared by employees 📈

Up to 561% further, in fact.

(Compared to the same messages shared by company accounts).

It’s pretty simple when you look at the numbers! 👀

Today, we have 4,894 followers on LinkedIn.


Our combined employee networks are currently 10x this size…

No, really.

Below is our LinkedIn reach for the month of May.

With just 34 employees 👇

DSMN8 May LinkedIn Reach

Without even considering Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

So, not only do I know that it has the potential to go 561% further.

I know that, on paper…

We’re reaching an audience that is 10 times bigger than our company page.

No brainer! ✌️

But it doesn’t stop there.

Said posts are twice as likely to generate engagement.

Because 92% of people are more likely to trust shares from someone they know.

So not only does it take our content the extra mile.

But it’s more likely to generate engagement too.

More likes.

More comments.

More clicks.

More conversions! 💰

numbers gif

“Okay, Lewis.”

“That’s enough math” right?

Okay, so, what does this “curation” process look like? 🤔

Super simple.

Like, unbelievably easy.

5 minutes and you’re a DSMN8 content curation pro.

First, we create a piece of content that we think is awesome.

Using the URL, I’m able to upload this content to DSMN8 for sharing.

It could even be just an image! 📸

DSMN8 automatically pulls in all the relevant info.

(preview image, preview title, description, etc.)

I’m then able to write multiple captions for the team to use when they share.

(for those too busy to write their own)

I can also add multiple images, preview titles, descriptions…

So that when the team eventually shares it.

Every post looks totally unique! 💫

And there’s no in-feed duplication.

I can even categorise each upload.

So the team only sees content in their feed that’s 100% relevant to them.

(and ultimately their networks!)

But it doesn’t stop there… 🥁

bruno mars there's more gif

We think that everyone at #TeamDSMN8 is pretty freakin’ awesome.

And is more than capable of creating killer content 👨‍💻

Content that our audiences would love to see!

So! Along with my marketing partner in crime, Jody 🤝

We encourage the rest of the team to share and create content for us.

Communicating the importance of Personal Branding from the start.

We then use gamification to incentivise the process 🎮

(Leaderboards, shout-outs, prizes, the works!)

And lastly.

Using our market-leading analytics suite.

We measure the results against paid advertising costs.

*cough cough* 👇

DSMN8 Comparative Media Spend for 2020

Our comparative media spend for 2020 🏆

(what it WOULD have cost us) 😉

Not-so-humble brag out of the way.

Why do we measure this?

Because even at this stage.

We continue to be impressed by the power of #EmployeeInfluence! 🤯

But that’s us.

We’re in marketing!

And yet we’re always chatting about how great DSMN8 is for sales and social selling.


And how amazing it is at improving your employer brand.

And your personal brand.

Or how it improves employee engagement, streamlines internal comms etc.

So, for full transparency.

I spoke with a few people from the team.

To find out how they use it.

And what they use it for.

So, without further ado.

Let’s get stuck in! 👇


How Our CEO Uses DSMN8

This is Brad.

(Everybody say ‘hello, Brad’)

“Hello, Brad” 👋

Brad is our CEO.

He’s also the founder of DSMN8.

He doesn’t love it when we put his face all over our content.

So we do it anyway 😉

(Disclaimer: he prefers to showcase the team… can’t argue with that!)

Brad uses DSMN8 to:

  • Submit photo & video content
  • Promote operational transparency
  • Elevate our employer brand
  • Share DSMN8’s latest & greatest content
  • Showcase our company culture

Brad’s an avid user of DSMN8 and backs our tech like a chef backs their food 👩‍🍳

He shares more photos than anyone else in the company.

(Fancies himself as something of a photographer)

Even has the iPhone with all three cameras! 📸

Now, Brad travels A LOT.

Pre-pandemic, he was always visiting cool places.

Meeting with awesome people.

And always working with the team behind the scenes.

Knowing the impact Employee-Generated Content can have on our marketing and employer branding efforts, Brad paps e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g 🙌

On team away days, Brad goes from CEO to designated photographer.

Heck, even during a year of WFH.

He loved a Zoom screenshot.

As a result.

We, as a marketing team, are inundated with authentic behind-the-scenes content.

Allowing us to accurately represent life at the company across our socials.

Helping to increase operational transparency by showing YOU more of what happens behind the scenes 🎥

And more of the people who make the really cool stuff happen!

Brad also knows that a strong employer brand attracts the best talent.

So I guess we have him to thank when candidates say:

“This looks like a really cool place to work!”

Thanks, Brad! 🙌

How DSMN8 Use DSMN8 - Customer Success

How Customer Success Use DSMN8

This is Emma.

(Everybody now)

“Hello, Emma!” 👋

Emma works in our customer success team.

We were recently awarded badges for “Best Relationship”, “Easiest to Implement”, and “Ease of Setup” for the Employee Advocacy category on G2.

That, ladies and gents and everyone in between, is thanks to brilliant folk like Emma 💪

Emma uses DSMN8 to:

  • Build & maintain relationships with clients
  • Stay up to speed with the latest news from DSMN8
  • Share the latest platform features & company news

So, how?

Well, Emma loves a bit of LinkedIn.

After all.

You don’t get awarded “best relationship” by just conversing over email!

Emma likes to go the extra mile.

Connecting with our clients and admin users on LinkedIn too.

Because of this, she likes to use DSMN8 to keep our clients up to date with the latest updates.

The latest app features.

Breaking news from our company.

The method? 🤔

It’s simple.

The tech team does something awesome.

The marketing team flips this into a release, a post, or another form of content.

We’ll then upload this to DSMN8 for everyone to share.

We can even categorise the content as being specifically for her department.

Emma gets a notification 📲

“New content ready to share”

And hey presto, just like that she’s got a kick-ass bit of pre-curated content.

Ready to share with her network that’s packed full of rockstar DSMN8 users.

Not bad, ‘ey? 😉

How DSMN8 Use DSMN8 - Sales

How Our Sales Team Uses DSMN8

This, everybody, is Craig.

Craig works in sales.

He’s also a living and breathing data-backed encyclopedia of employee influence knowledge, stats, and general know-how 🤓📚

Craig uses DSMN8 to:

  • Elevate his personal brand on LinkedIn
  • Share company and industry-related content
  • Strengthen relationships with existing clients
  • Showcase the latest news from DSMN8

“How do you do that, Craig?”

Glad you asked!

As a salesperson.

Craig is unbelievably busy.


Knowing the importance of social selling, personal branding, and thought leadership on social.

Plus the impact this has on his ability to close more deals.

Craig knows he has to find time for social media.

“Find time” he says ⏰

Easier said than done in sales!

Fortunately though, when Brad & Co first started DSMN8.

They had busy people like Craig front of mind!

Leading them to create one of our oldest and most successful features to date.

Automation, baby! 👨‍💻

Enabling our Automation feature means that content (with captions and all) can be automatically shared to your LinkedIn profile without you having to lift a finger!

More importantly, without eating into your precious time!

No wonder Craig loves it so much!

Remember how I said I write multiple captions for people who are too busy?

Craig is that guy.

So how does that work?

Easy peasy.

Craig jumps into his account 👨‍💻

Goes to settings.

And sets up an automation.

He then chooses how many automated shares will go out per day, per week or per month.

Craig says he doesn’t like to do any more than 2 automated shares per week.

As he drops his own unique posts in between those when he has time.

Nice one, Craig! 💯

Here’s a sneak peek at Craig’s analytics from last month 🤫

Craig Smith DSMN8 Analytics Screenshot for April

This is even more impressive when you consider what I previously mentioned.

Craig limits his automated shares to two per week…


Without having to lift a finger.

Craig has generated these results.

From a mere 8 shares in April.

(at roughly 7.9 clicks per share!) 🤯

So, that’s how we use DSMN8 😎

For marketing.

For sales.

For employer branding.

For customer success.

That leaves just one question:

What do YOU want to use it for?

Marketing? Sales? HR?

All of the above? ☝️

You don’t have to decide right now.

Book a demo!

Want to speak with us beforehand?

You got it.

Choose a time to speak with a member of the team.

It might even be Craig! 🥳

Senior Marketing Manager and Employee Advocacy Program Manager at DSMN8. Lewis specialises in content strategy, growing brand visibility and generating inbound leads. His background in Sales lends itself well to demand generation in the B2B niche.