We make it simple to turn your employees into content creators.

Most businesses rely on their social media community manager or agency partners to take pictures and videos, but of course, they can not be everywhere at once. Introducing… Lens by DSMN8.

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It has never been easier to:

Crowdsource your content

Create authentic photos and videos through the people who are closest to your business - your employees.

Centralize submissions

Our propriety technology speeds up the whole production process and categorises your content ready for review.

Simplify usage rights

Rights are transferred from employee to company and you can choose to reward employees through the built-in gamification engine.

Streamline production

Reduce the time it takes to capture pictures and video.

Simplify rights

Assign image rights from the employee to your company.

DSMN8 Lens
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DSMN8 Lens

Reward employees

Award those who capture special moments.

Automatically sync

Through a centralised dashboard ready for approval.

Want to create more authentic photo and video content for your business while at the same time reducing your production costs? If so, then Lens is the perfect solution for you!

Bradley KeenanFounder & CEO, DSMN8

It is no secret that potential employees and even customers use social media to find out more about your company culture.

When they look, what will they see? Will they see anything at all? Will they see staged stock photography, or will they get a genuine window into what life at your company is really like?

Lens allows you to reward employees for capturing those special moments in your organisation. Whether this is a recruits first day, a team selfie from an away day or even videos of your companies social outreach programs.

Once captured, media files are automatically synced with an online dashboard where you can approve images for use across your own company social media accounts. The platform even manages the assignment of the rights to your company from the employee.

Then once used, you can not only credit the employee by tagging them in the post, but you can also assign points that can be exchanged for real prizes such as online gift cards, company perks and charitable donations.

Are you looking to inject some authenticity into your social media? Maybe Lens is the answer!

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Authentic content at scale

Never has it been easier to tell an authentic brand story. We pride ourselves on creating cutting edge innovative solutions that make it easy for companies to guide and support their workforce in to becoming influential brand ambassadors.


Create more content in-house

Give your workforce the support and confidence to start creating more on-brand content. You will have more control of the process than ever before while at the same time reducing the impact on your production budgets.

Create More In House with DSMN8 Lens
Reward with DSMN8 Lens


Reward your creators

Incentivise your employees to create content based on their individual perspectives and reward those for content used through the built-in gamification engine.

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Project Set Up

Set up a project request for the type of content you require and choose whether to offer employees rewards and perks.

Employee Notifications

Employees are then notified through an easy-to-use mobile solution and can choose to submit content based on the project requirements.

Online Dashboard

Submitted content is then synced automatically, ready for your approval and use. The platform even manages the assignment of usage rights.
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Let's Take Your Content Creation To The Next Level

Turn your workforce into employee influencers with Lens by DSMN8.

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