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Would you like to get paid for engaging with DSMN8 social posts? Earning money from the time you spend on social media? Sound too good to be true? It really isn't! Read on to see how you can start 'clicking' and earning!

Become a micro-influencer

At the click of a button you can leverage your social influence like never before! All that's required is to support our social media efforts.

It's simple. We win, you win!

Earn a commission for every piece of DSMN8 content you engage with - a like, comment or share is all that's required to start earning.

Monetize your social profiles

Put your social profiles to work! Support our content and turn your social media accounts into your very own money-earning media channel.


Support DSMN8's social media activity and get money in your pocket!


To our dedicated advocacy platform with exclusive content where you can earn for your interaction.

Become a micro-influencer | DSMN8

We believe this approach puts users first and turns the traditional paid social model on its head!


Around our key pillars of Social Media, Employee Advocacy, Social Selling and Employer Branding.

Our ideal brand advocates are active on social media (Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter) and work in:


Professionals who are passionate about building brand and generating demand for their organizations. Particularly those who are keen to support employees in developing personal brands, increasing influence, and leveraging social selling techniques.


Those who live every day in the world of social media and content creation. Either at a B2B or B2C organization, these are people who already understand the opportunity being active in the space can have for both an organization and individual.


Those striving to ensure their organization is an employer of choice - particularly when it comes to digital native candidates. Thought leaders passionate about leveraging employee influence to showcase company culture at scale.


Professionals focused on leveraging their relationships and social networks to sell products or services for their organization.


Management teans focused on guiding their organizations success and open to the opportunity employee advocacy can have on growth and culture.

DSMN8’s advocates and micro-influencers help us to drive more impact from our social and content efforts so that we can help more organizations improve their own reach, engagement and communication through the power of their employees. Check out some of our customer success stories here.

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You could see:

Income From Social:

Put the time you spend on social media to good use and earn $2 per click you perform on DSMN8 content.

Increased Reach:

By being more active on social you will increase the visibility of both your profile and future posts.

Increased Engagement:

By being more active on social you will also increase the engagement of both your profile and future posts.

Your Network Grow:

By being more active on social, more people will see your profile and provide additional networking opportunities for your to leverage on an ongoing basis.

Increased Thought Leadership:

By engaging in our content you'll be kept up to date on everything from the world of social, employee advocacy, personal branding and social selling.

Social Selling Opportunities:

More conversations and engagement across social channels will lead to an increase in brand awareness and sales opportunities for your own role.

Join Professionals across Social Media, Marketing, Sales and Employer Branding in earning from their time spent on social media.

Advocate value:


It's never been easier to earn by being active across your social profiles.


Still regarded as a relatively new discipline, you will be first to see exclusive content and research from the world of employee advocacy.


First hand knowledge of an innovative new approach to brand advocacy.


- Work in a marketing, social media, sales, employer branding or leadership role.
- Download the DSMN8 Brand Advocates mobile application or log in to the desktop version.
- Committed to liking, commenting or sharing DSMN8 content to help raise awareness of our subject matter.
- Willingness to recommend our program to relevant professionals in your network.

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