The World’s Most Active Professionals on Social in the Wireless Sector – August 2020.

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We’ve researched hundreds of companies in the wireless industry to determine which have the largest presence on social, and whose employees are consistently sharing their company content. This could be a vacancy, a blog post, or some behind-the-scenes photos and videos.

The activity in this industry was impressive, and the average number of employees sharing per company in the industry was 20.97%. However, there’s still some room for improvement. After all, if 20% of your employees shared something in July, that means that the other 80% have been silent on social.

Companies who adopt a formal employee advocacy program with DSMN8 typically see an average minimum of 30-40% of their employees regularly sharing their content, with some accounts seeing as high as 70%.

Where did your company rank, and how can you take steps to improve your position? Download the full leaderboard below and stay tuned for monthly updates.