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Nurturing Company Engagement – How To Keep Your Employees Engaged

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Why You Need Engaged Employees

Employees having an understanding of your business has always been a vital factor for any successful company. Without knowledge of what the company is doing, employees are left in the dark unable to truly communicate the true value of your products or service. We understand that it can become very busy with companies, whether you are 20 employees or 20,000 it is easy to miss the announcement of a new initiative, product or even some positive press. It is important for your employees to know about these aspects of your business, it will enable them to talk to clients more effectively, become involved in new projects and to better understand what is happening in the company that they are working.

Employees who are passionate and engaged with their work and company are not only offering a better service but will likely become brand advocates for your company also. Talking to others about the company, sharing news on social media will help position employees as Thought Leaders and demonstrate their understanding and expertise to others. A recent study from LinkedIn stated that 45% of business decision-makers have been led by Thought Leadership to directly award business to a company.

Keeping employees engaged does not have to be complicated, merely giving employees access, and the ability to keep themselves informed is the first step to recognising your true advocates.


Where is Your Content?

Your marketing and social media teams are no doubt already producing some amazing content for you, but how much of this content do your employees get to see? Something we see as a regular issue that stops employees engaging in company news/content is that they have no access. Unless they happen to log into LinkedIn at the exact right time, the company marketing content is rarely noticed by employees.

Aggregating all of your marketing content, press releases, industry news and more into a single place for your employees gives the ability to browse in their own time, and see everything that is going on in the company. To do this effectively find the sources of your content which will be relevant for your employees such as your company blog or press releases, beyond that look at your social media content and the company culture posts you might already be sharing. Once this access is established, employees are able to become more informed and knowledgeable and can begin to demonstrate this knowledge across the business.

Making this information and content available to employees will help develop the culture of the company. People will have the ability to talk about new projects that have been released, they will be able to discuss with colleagues how they can collaborate with their work, and overall gain a better insight to the company direction.


Create A Sharing Culture

One of the biggest factors holding employees back from sharing content is the fear that they might share the wrong article, or somehow share something inappropriate. Having your content aggregated into a single feed or place, as mentioned in the point above, gives employees the comfort that the content is relevant and approved for them to share. They no longer have to worry about whether it would be appropriate to share an article because it has been presented to them in a way they know they can share. To go a step further this content can be segmented for different employees, perhaps you have content that is more relevant for a sales team than it would be for your software developers. Giving personalised content to employees will allow them to connect more openly and they will be more likely to share as it becomes increasingly relevant with their networks.

Removing this blocker will allow employees to begin sharing more regularly with their social networks and begin to become true advocates for your company.


Reward Employee Engagement

Incentives in any company will be a successful driver to bring users into a new process or way of thinking. Here at DSMN8 we have implemented a full gamification suite into our Employee Advocacy platform, this allows team leaders and alike to reward their team members and employees for sharing company content. Encouraging employees to become more involved in advocacy and see tangible results from sharing. Not only are they internally rewarded for doing so, but they can begin to improve and develop their own personal brand at the same time.

Rewards are a very effective way to bring employees into an advocacy platform, allowing them to gain instant value from an advocacy program. This then allows them to see the true value that comes from sharing content to their social channels. This company culture then starts to form, employees will be more engaged in the company news and more invested in the success of the product or service. Although not all employees will share the news with their social networks, having the understanding will give them the ability to communicate more effectively with your clients and partners.


Keeping your employees engaged with your company culture and news is an important part of a modern company. A study by Thomsons showed Productivity improves by 20-25% in organisations with engaged employees. It allows you to encourage creativity and greater collaboration between the teams in your company, giving a better understanding of what projects are currently being worked on, and how it might be beneficial to others. Want to more best practice for your advocacy program,  check out our Blog Post: Best Practices For Your Employee Advocacy Program


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