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Not Hitting Those Sales Targets? Why Not Try Advocacy

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There is no doubt that sales are one of the toughest roles in the workplace. While it might be all smiles and champagne when quotas have been met and commission checks are cut, there is never a guarantee that the good times will continue. The world of sales is a changing landscape, with the art of closing over an all-expenses-paid lunch becoming a distant memory. Sales are now more like a science, using terms such as of touchpoints, spin-selling, and alike.  There is no linear approach that fits all, the rise in social selling is now a stand out for sales techniques, helping sales departments developed their online visibility and recognition and prove their knowledge in their chosen field or industry. By doing this sales executives can stand out from a crowd, proving to their prospects that they know what it is they are talking about.

This changing tide in the world of sales has led to an even more buyer-driven market, meaning sales executives have to do more to be noticed and gain the trust and time of their prospects. Employee Advocacy programs are paving the way to provide sales teams with the relevant company content, that they can share with their own social media networks. Below are some of the major areas where a formal advocacy platform can help increase sales.

Generate More Leads

When sharing content to their own social channels potential consumers and clients can see and understand the products and services that are on offer. This helps to generate fresh and more effective leads, becoming an almost effortless process for creating a dedicated pipeline. In fact, 59% of B2B marketers say LinkedIn posts generate leads for their business. (DemandWave), utilizing the ability to share content to their own networks and proceed to generate leads by doing so allows sales teams to focus on the more important task of selling, as opposed to the pain point of generating leads.

Expert In Your Field

Sharing relevant content to your social channels not only helps attract people to viewing your profile and what it is you do, but it also displays the knowledge that you have in your particular field. By doing this you can show prospects and even existing clients that you are worth working with, helping them feel confident in your ability and products. This not only helps the initial relationship with a client but helps it to prosper further down the line, you will be noticed within their professional network, and able to reconnect easier and more frequently. It takes on average 6-8 touchpoints to generate viable leads (Salesforce) and if this is already happening by sharing articles and news on your social channels, your prospects are going to become far warmer with considerably less work.

Grow Your Network

By sharing content with their own social networks sales execs are able to increase their online visibility. On average when you share a new post on LinkedIn it will generate you two new profile views. This increase in online visibility enables you to be able to stand out from the crowd, all by sharing an article or interesting piece of industry news. Developing this online visibility helps you become a focal point in your professional or personal social network which will, in turn, help you grow that network to help you create a stronger connection with potential partners.


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