[Infographic] The social selling flow chart

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Check out our free infographic flow chart to find out how social selling works and how you can implement it for your brand.

Social selling refers to the practice of embedding online social activity into your sales journey. Salespeople are becoming more aware of the positive impact that social media can have on their pipeline and if you’re yet to discover that, then this free infographic will almost certainly help you. With social selling you can build deeper relationships and warmer leads, with the end result being more frequent conversions.


We’ve got 7 stats to prove why social selling works, right here…


According to The Benchmark Index, 98% of agents with 5,000 or more LinkedIn contacts reach or surpass their sales quotas, versus just 52% of those with fewer than 250 contacts. We always like to point out that almost 8/10 social sellers outsell their peers too. What does this mean for your brand? Well, if your sales team isn’t engaged on LinkedIn building leads or tweeting about your company, then you are almost certainly falling behind.

The great news for you is that social selling isn’t particularly hard or expensive to integrate into your sales journey, in fact the ROI can be very high indeed, as the leads you create through social will almost always be stronger. According to KISSMETRICS, companies with an established social selling strategy have seen a 10%–20% increase in conversions, with 20%–30% acceleration in pushing leads through the sales cycle. The results? A 10%–15% increase in revenue.

So, let’s dive into what a social selling activity flow looks like. As long as your agents and reps are checking off these points, then you’ll be in good shape to establish a successful social selling program.



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