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[Infographic] Examples of KPI’s For Social Employees

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Here are some examples for key performance indicators (KPI’s) that you can you to measure the power of your social employees.

So you’ve embraced or are at least considering the limitless rewards of empowering your own team of social employees. But determining what to measure and how to measure it can tough. Ask any marketer and they’ll be able to tell you just how tough it can be to demonstrate ROI on activity that isn’t directly linked to a sale.

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Like anything in business, the key is to affiliate any activity or strategy to your goals or desired outcomes, then measure. That was always easily done with outbound sales for example, “X number of phone calls a day yields XX sales”, but what about a program that stretches across departments or has multiple goals?

These are all things you need to consider and we recommend doing so at the very beginning of any social selling or employee advocacy program. To help you with that, we’ve created a rather lovely looking infographic outlining some simple KPI’s for 3 of the main departments in any business that you can use. Now, these aren’t the be all and end all for monitoring the effectiveness of any social program, but they’re a great starting point!

Just to whet your appetite here’s a great stat, well according to LinkedIn, employees combined have on average 10X more followers than their company’s corporate accounts . Now get scrolling and enjoy!

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