[Infographic] B2B Contenting Marketing 2017

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How are B2B businesses making the most of their content in 2017? Find out with the latest key stats and findings in this awesome infographic.

B2B businesses have often been labeled as slow to react and late to the game when it comes to content marketing. But can that really be true in 2017? In this free infographic, we let the stats do the talking to tell you exactly how important content marketing is for B2B and how successful it can be… wow that’s a lot of B’s!

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It’s with the help of Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Profs that we are able to bring you this information. Following their latest study on content marketing trends, we’ve picked some of the key findings. Like for example, 91% of B2B organizations are using content marketing, which is a 2% increase in 2016.

Not everything they found was good news however, less than a quarter of their respondents believed that their strategy for content marketing was ‘very successful’ and even less believe that they are using metrics to their full potential.

What does this tell us? Perhaps that content marketing is finally affirmed as an integral tool for driving businesses, but it is a long way from being fully refined.


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