[Infographic] 1 internet minute in 2017

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It’s amazing to learn how much can happen in a minute, especially online where things move fast. Find out here, what happens in 1 internet minute in 2017…

Entrepreneur and online mogul Gary Vaynerchuck said that nowadays more than ever, attention has become a crucial commodity. If there was any doubt about how important attention is to your business, spend a short while sifting through the mountains of studies and research papers out there. They’ve all been designed and carried out to help marketers and social sellers discover where attention can be found.

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According to TechCrunch, mobile users engage with on average 9 apps on a daily basis, that’s on top of all the websites that they visit, some multiple times. Needless to say, as consumers our attention is in high-demand and distraction is always just around the corner.

With so much happening all at once, it is fascinating to learn what is happening right this minute and where. It’s information that could prove to be very powerful for your sales and marketing teams. For example, you social-sellers may be motivated to discover that 120 new professionals join LinkedIn every single minute!

With the help of Statista, we’ve created this beautiful infographic free for your viewing pleasure.


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