How great content and employee advocacy can drive sales

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Content and employee advocacy go hand in hand towards scoring sales success. Here’s how…


75% of marketers are increasing their investment in content and with good reason. More than ever it has become a cornerstone for both sales and marketing strategies. Why? Perhaps it’s because people are more active online during the sales journey and most (9 out of 10) say that content has a major impact on their decision to buy.


In fact, DemandGen found that 80% of B2B buyers consume at least 3 pieces of content before even talking to a sales person. This is where the link between great content and a well implemented employee advocacy program can work to tremendous effect in building your brand, building on trust in your employees and of course, driving your bottom line skyward.


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In this infographic, we’ll follow the follow from content creation to closing a deal with handy stats to help you understand the benefits along the way.



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