5 days to start 2018 right

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Hit the ground running with these 5 tips for a 2018 that’s full of sales and marketing success, and all within 5 days.

Who doesn’t love the new year? It’s a fresh start and a fresh opportunity to be better and achieve more, whether it’s towards your business goals or your personal goals – for a lot of people the two are closely aligned.

If your business has had a break for the holidays then you’ll know that it’s important to kick into gear and regain your focus as quickly as possible, for the best chance of success in the new year. The need can be even more acute for your frontline departments, including marketing and sales.


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Whatever stage you’re at when it comes to setting goals, building strategies or taking action for your marketing and sales drive this year, we’re sure you’ll love these 5 tips to start 2018 off to a flyer. The idea behind them is to achieve everything quickly, so that the time between inspiration and impact is minimal.


Day 1: Rewind

Steve Jobs said, “you can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them by looking backwards”. Even if you did your end of year review in December, it’s still important to look back to revise and review what has happened already. Over the holidays you may have had more time to think about a specific issue or part of your strategy that may shed a different light on it. You also may have just forgotten some parts!

Take the time to reflect today, go back over that report or re-watch that presentation you did. This is a great way to kick your brain back into gear and recalibrate your focus for work.


Day 2: Set your markers

What you achieve in day one will almost certainly affect your goals for the year, even if they were already ‘set in stone’. Now it’s time to make those final adjustments and set your sales and marketing markers for the year. According to LivePlan, tracking metrics makes you 2x more likely to achieve your goals, so keep in mind that data is key and your goals must be measurable.

The next thing to remember is that your goals need to be simple, nothing kills achievement quite like complication. Goal setting can seem daunting and an hour online will offer up millions of articles with great but conflicting advice on how best to do it.

This exercise from The Balance aims to make goal-setting easy and quick… just 30 minutes in fact!


Day 3: Planning

Grab the whiteboard markers and coffee, it’s day 3! Today is all about putting your inspiration to work and planning your route from where you are now to where your markers are. Clear some time to create, certainly at least 2 hours. As Einstein once said, “imagination is more important than knowledge”, which is very true of this stage.

Explore all ideas, even ones that seem silly at first. Then explore what’s actually possible, working this way will stop you from killing a potentially ground-breaking idea in its tracks. Once your ideas are formulated, get them down into some form of a map or blueprint for success.

This can be a presentation, a Word document or just about any medium that you can go back to when you’re need in of a compass for your actions. It doesn’t need to be pretty for now, it just needs to be structured – include a start, a middle and an end. It’s important to remember that even the best laid plans will often change, and your route from A to B may need to include a few other letters first.


Day 4: Priming

Thanks to your planning, you’ll probably have a few things you need to prepare before you hit ‘go’ on your new year. It can be a bit of an admin-heavy day and will include things like; acquiring tools, training your team or even hiring new personnel.

Setting aside the day for this stuff gives you tight parameters to achieve everything you need to, which in turn reduces the risk of procrastination and fence-sitting. Don’t be scared to do this, you’ll be amazed by how much you can achieve when really pushed.

If you need to prime employees or even build a new team, order lunch in and run them through the plan while they enjoy some free food. If you need new software, get a demo booked and don’t let their agent leave until you’ve cut the best deal there and then. You’ll get such a buzz from hitting the year with this tenacity and your energy will be infectious to your team.


Day 5: Action!

Day 4 can be pretty full on but the good news is that it will have given you everything you need for day 5.

At the start of day 5, just think about everything you’ve already achieved in the past 4 days and everything that’s now in place. if there is some overspill of tasks from day 4 that’s fine, just get it done – as Benjamin Franklin said, “by failing to prepare you are preparing to fail”.

Whatever your situation was before, you definitely will be more prepared by now. With your plan or blueprint at the ready and your systems in place, you can get to work on hitting 2018 with everything you have. Remember that there is never a straight path to success, you will need to refer to your strategy and even tweak it to keep your sales and marketing efforts on course.


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