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4 Reasons Employee Advocacy Will Help Your Hiring Process

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Hiring is a vital factor in any companies success, done right you attract the top talent to help your company grow and succeed in every avenue. However, finding and attracting top talent can be time-consuming and frustrating. Outsourcing to recruitment firms makes the process no easier, with extortionate costs and no guarantees plaguing your process. Utilising an employee advocacy program can help you hire faster, more efficiently and with less hassle.

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Target Your Audience
One of the most significant issues facing the recruitment process in the modern day is finding the needle in a haystack that is your ideal hire. According to Glassdoor, a single corporate job opening will attract on average 250 applicants, only 4-6 of which will actually be called for an interview (Glassdoor). The typical problem here is that many applicants will wildly send off their CV to any available opening, with little regard for the details. This makes it remarkably difficult to find the right hire through a mass of irrelevant applications. On the flip side, when advertising for a more niche job role, it becomes difficult to locate the right people with the correct skill set. However, let’s’ say for example you are looking to hire a new ‘IT specialist’. Using an employee advocacy program, your current IT department would be able to share this opportunity with their own networks. When your employees share a relevant job opportunity to their professional network on LinkedIn, naturally their connections are in similar roles and industries. What does this mean for your vacancies? Employee Advocacy helps to put content in front of the right people. When you have your IT department sharing a job opportunity for an ‘IT specialist’ they will instantly target the right demographic, meaning you can hire faster, more confidently and with less hassle.

Company Culture
Company culture is becoming an increasingly important aspect of decisions to start a new job. Companies are proud to offer their new perks, open plan office and casual Friday events. This company reputation is essential not only for staff retention but also for hiring. 69% of applicants would not take a job with a company that had a bad reputation, even if they were unemployed (Glassdoor). Employee advocacy can help to show off these perks for your company, with employees sharing content to their own social networks their connections and friends can see what a great place it is to work.

Increase Referrals
Employee advocacy programs are a great way to boost referrals for your company. 44.5% of job seekers will more likely apply to a position if they see it on the profile of someone they know rather than posted directly by the company (MediaPost). By not being socially engaged, companies are missing out on a significant portion of the talent pool by not giving their employees a simple way to share job opportunities with their peers. According to Media Post, only 9.4% of employees say they use social media to help their company with recruitment (Mediapost). By giving employees this option, you can raise your company’s online presence while simultaneously finding the best candidates in the market.

Staff Retention
Did you know that on average it costs over £30,000 per employee you replace in your company? (HR Review). This astronomical cost is comfortably saved by staff that don’t want to leave. Employee advocates who are happy in their roles and believe in the company message and ethos are less likely to leave, reducing the need for new hires. These engaged employees are then more likely to stay at the company becoming valued and more importantly an experienced team member for your company.

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