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4 Great Tools For Social Sellers

By 16/10/2017August 15th, 2022No Comments

Discover these key tools for successful social sellers. How many are you utilizing?

B2B and also B2C sales roles have evolved from a Filofax and phonebook to social media and search engines. As social selling is becoming even more prevalent – 78% of salespeople now use social media to outsell their peers – it’s important to arm yourself or your sales team with the best tools for the job.

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In this article, we’ll share with you four great tools that offer both free and paid options for individuals and teams looking to maximize their online efforts when it comes to selling. Even at a very basic level, these tools are tried and tested and the most popular among companies from startups to multinational corporations.


Let’s start with the one that most salespeople already have. LinkedIn is a social media channel for individuals and companies to share, connect and engage professionally with each other. In the beginning, it was seen as something of a CV-station and recruitment tool but that doesn’t serve justice to the many features and potential opportunities that LinkedIn now offers.

For social sellers, especially in B2B, LinkedIn is the ideal platform for showcasing your knowledge and expertise in your field to a broad audience. This builds trust in you as an individual and your company which encourages you to build more connections, increasing your captive audience. Just think how much information LinkedIn offers you about users too, information that can prove extremely useful to you when it comes to targeting content to share and making decisive sales action.

It’s proven from LinkedIn’s own research that engagement with content shared by employees is 2X higher than when it’s shared by the company.

LinkedIn is free for anyone to sign up but you can also become a premium member.



Salesforce is the world’s leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution. What it allows its users to do is organize, plan and strategize their sales efforts all in one cloud-based application – a bit like cramming an entire department’s information into a single accessible source.

Cloud-based CRM’s have become integral for individuals and sales teams looking to refine their strategy and storing of information after all sales is about making conversions in the most efficient and economical way possible.

Salesforce allows you to manage contacts and qualify leads. You can also schedule your workflows, meetings and record all of your engagements to track the buyer journey of your leads.

Individuals can sign up for free and there are a myriad of different paid options for teams and businesses. HubSpot Sales also offers a very similar service, which might be a better option if your marketing department is already using HubSpot Marketing.


Buffer or DSMN8

Buffer is a web-based and mobile app for managing all of your social accounts in one place. When you’re social selling, it is likely that you’ll be sharing relevant company content on more than one channel – a lot of us also use our Twitter accounts for example.

Manually posting and tracking the performance of content on different channels can be time consuming and annoying. Buffer offers an excellent solution for individuals and businesses to do everything in one place. One of our favorite things about Buffer for individual salespeople is that everything can be done on your mobile, which makes a quick post or a check of your activity even easier.

For a company looking to really enable the power of its social sellers, we at DSMN8 would naturally throw our hat into the ring. Like Buffer, DSMN8 is a web-based and mobile platform that allows users to very easily share posts, manage and track the activity on multiple social channels.

DSMN8 also allows companies to create and curate content for employees to easily find and share all within the app, and even gamify sharing through leaderboards and rewards. In essence, it is a complete solution for social selling for companies.

Check out the DSMN8 introduction video



While CRM’s are replacing Filofaxes and phonebooks, for a lot of salespeople video calling is taking precedence over telephone. There are of course lots of services and applications out there for serving this purpose. Skype and Facetime are great options for work and family.

But from our own experience, Zoom offers a better professional solution thanks to enhanced conference calling abilities and better connectivity (although this can be affected by your location and network).

Video calls make sales calls so much more interactive as they allow you the salesperson to utilize other tools such as presentation slides and live demos of products through screen sharing. By now most B2B buyers will have encountered something like this before making a decision, in fact, it’s the go-to tool for the world’s leading sales CRM who we’ve already mentioned!

Zoom is free to use so long as you limit your calls to 40mins, after that it’s around £11.99 per month to go unlimited.



It’s proven that embedding social selling into your sales role or your team can be highly effective. But to be truly empowered, social sellers need the right tools to fulfill their role and offer the best value to their customers. Fortunately, there are a wealth of tools out there for helping this, most of which offer free plans for individuals.