10 holiday stats for marketers this Christmas

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Discover the numbers you need to know this Christmas with the top 10-holiday stats for marketers.

The festive holiday season has traditionally been the marquee event of the year for marketers and advertisers. So engrained are some fabulous festive promotions that they’ve become integral ingredients to giving us that wonderful warm feeling inside.

Whether it’s the Coca-Cola truck gliding through the snow or of course the John Lewis advert that is now a much-anticipated annual event, companies know just how important it can be to deliver the most exciting and encapsulating marketing campaign.

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That’s why we’ve endeavored to find the most compelling statistics that can give marketers insight as to how to come out on top this time of year. So much of the magic comes from the excitement of consumers, which companies must harness to succeed in providing the best campaign and the best service.


Stat 1: Online retail sales are predicted to increase by 15.8% during the holiday season.

According to online advertiser, WordStream, online retailers can expect a substantial spike in shopping activity in the build-up to the holidays. Considering that $115 billion was spent in the US this time last year, this represents huge potential for smart companies to cash in on their campaign.


Stat 2: 64% of online shoppers agree or somewhat agree that they like seeing recommended or suggested products from retailers.

Thanks to this great stat from Salesforce, we know that consumers are likely to be more open to product suggestions from retailers. Put the right products in front of your customers. Their shopping lists are long, their inspiration for gift ideas may be waning, so make it your mission to be helpful.


Stat 3: 49% of marketers begin their holiday campaigns before Halloween.

Unsurprisingly, the most successful brands have their holiday marketing strategy locked down and rolled out well before the first flake of snowfalls. There’s no doubt that being prepared pays, but don’t panic if you’ve arrived late to the party…


Stat 4: 24% of people do their Christmas shopping in December.

That’s right, even if you are late to the party there is still a huge crowd for you to market to in December. According to Bobatoo, not only do nearly a quarter of people leave it late to start shopping but most also fail to stick to their spending budget. If that doesn’t fill marketers with cheer then who knows what will.



Stat 5: Most of our money is spent on children.

Happy reading for toy manufacturers! In the UK alone, more than two-thirds of our Christmas budget goes towards treating the children. Of course, it’s no secret that successful companies know how to sell to the kids to prize money from their parents, but what can your business do to tap into this market?


Stat 6: 76% shop on mobile.

The rise of mobile shopping continues. In America, more than three-quarters of shoppers purchase on their mobile devices during the holidays. Make sure that your digital ad spend is correctly optimized, target your email campaigns with mobile in mind and if you are an online retailer, ensure that your mobile checkout experience is on-point to avoid abandoned carts.


Stat 7: 83% of holiday shopping will take place online.

Moving from mobile to the wider field of online in general, more and more of us are skipping the stressful Saturdays at the mall for the comfort of our own home. According to Retail Week, this represents a surprising plateau in growth over the last two years as it’s up only 1% since 2015.


Stat 8: 71% of shoppers will look to take advantage of deals and offers.

Is your business planning on offering any sort of offer this Christmas to entice shoppers? If not, then you should head back to the whiteboard pronto! Black Friday and Cyber Monday have become globally adopted shopping traditions, this combined with a tighter squeeze on the cost of living just about everywhere means businesses must compete on key pain-points – i.e. price and incentives.


Stat 9: 74% of consumers still rely on word of mouth to make buying decisions.

Social media has made word of mouth marketing all the more valuable to brands. Why is the John Lewis Christmas ad campaign so successful in building up the hype? It’s because people are excited about it and everyone is talking about it. You need to create a marketing campaign that people will want to share, especially your employees who could deliver a gargantuan growth in your online reach if they’re fully engaged.


Stat 10: 76% of shoppers will change their minds about who to buy from after researching online.

It’s already loud out there with companies fighting over attention and shoppers are smart enough to snoop around if they don’t like what they see on your website. With this in mind, remember to optimize your keywords, reach out for great reviews and produce incredible content that speaks to your customers.



You can hopefully draw your own conclusions from this bounty of festive shopping facts. Just remember that what’s most important to you as a marketer is being heard by your targeted audience, so do try to create a campaign that your entire teams can get behind and share with their own social networks.


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